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Delhi Fashion & Films Promotion Society is not a classic modeling agency, but it’s a full fledged society. Our core mission is to seek out talented models and performers who are going unnoticed, and present them to the world . Some of the known experts from the Industry decided that a society should be started for Unnoticed talent to scout them out and help them enter the industry with proper back up and support. Our search is not just a mere task, but a committed professional challenge for us.We will function primarily to accommodate, and create public awareness for emerging models , artists and actors of all age groups from all over India Trend changes very fast . Today the agencies hunt novelty. New means freshness – nothing is more powerful than a fashion or beauty adv with a new face. A talented model is ready to make the wildest dreams of photographers and designers come true. Our partners (fashion, beauty companies, fashion and lifestyle magazines) are always looking for new faces, new talents. Through our contests and various activities, we will continue to look for all types of New Faces. What you need to do???– Just Show up! Here we are ! – Its us who you look for! Delhi Fashion & Films Promotion Society is the effective tool of a successful modeling and film career. Ready To Get Noticed?